9-11 July 2025
Hall N1-N5, Shanghai New International Expo Center

Visitor Center

A high-level networking platform for lightweight automotive industry




Exhibition Area


Trade Visitors & Delegations

Range of Exhibits

Raw materials

◆Aluminium, magnesium, and titanium alloys 


◆Engineering plastics



Processing and equipment

◆welding and joint processing

◆surface processing

◆stamping, rolling, and hydraulic pressing 

◆metal cutting




◆plastic injection

◆mold pressing 

◆Microcellular foam 


Auto parts

Commercial vehicle parts


◆vehicle body


◆tires and wheels


◆outer design and upholstery

◆other parts

Passenger vehicle parts

◆vehicle body


◆tires and wheels


◆outer design and upholstery

◆other parts

Companies and designers working on lightweight solutions


Range of Visitors

◆Lightweight passenger vehicle and parts

◆Lightweight commercial vehicle and parts

◆Special vehicle

◆Procurement, R&D, and technical staff


On-site Events

International Visitor Program

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