03-05 July 2024
Shanghai New International Expo Center


Asia’s Lightweight Automotive Trade Fair, also known as Lightweight Asia, specializes in showcasing the leading automotive lightweight solutions. The show features the up-to-date high-quality local and international lightweight materials, processing technologies and solutions.


Range of Exhibits

Auto parts

Commercial vehicle parts


◆vehicle body


◆tires and wheels


◆outer design and upholstery

◆other parts

Passenger vehicle parts

◆vehicle body


◆tires and wheels


◆outer design and upholstery

◆other parts

Companies and designers working on lightweight solutions


Raw materials

◆Aluminium, magnesium, and titanium alloys 

◆ Steel  

◆Engineering plastics



Processing and equipment

◆welding and joint processing

◆surface processing

◆stamping, rolling, and hydraulic pressing 

◆metal cutting




◆plastic injection

◆mold pressing 

◆Microcellular foam 


Range of Visitors

◆Lightweight passenger vehicle and parts

◆Lightweight commercial vehicle and parts

◆Special vehicle

◆Procurement, R&D, and technical staff





After four decades of rapid growth in China, RX has made its name as a well-respected and professional event organizer in Greater China. RXGC (RX Greater China) comprises multiple member companies and joint ventures as well as about 500 employees, serving 12 industries, namely Automotive Manufacturing; Electronics Manufacturing & Industry Assembly; Gifts & Homeware; Medical, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare; Printing, Converting & Packaging; Smart Manufacturing & Logistics; Retail; Catering & Recreation; Metalworking & Industrial Materials; Airport Infrastructure & Technology; Flowers & Gardening; Property & Travel. RXGC organizes about 70 events each year with over 2 million square meters of total show floor space, bringing together more than 30,000 exhibitors and 1 million visitors from China and abroad. In addition, RXGC has launched a series of online exhibitions, hybrid events and webinars since 2020, providing products showcase, business connections, insights sharing and knowledge learning for related communities throughout the year.




Past Show Review