Matchmaking Service


Match-Making is a value-added service, specially provided for professional buyers. After pre-registration or on-site registration, the system will recommend exhibitors who match the products you are interested in.

Our personalized recommendations are useful complement to your own visit planning to help you:

  • Discover exhibitors or products you may not have seen before
  • Save time, improve your visit efficiency and value

What will you get?

  • Communicate with high-quality exhibitors on the spot through recommendation matching to effectively expand your purchasing channels
  • Real-time understanding of exhibitors' new product list and seize market opportunities
  • No need to download any software

How to participate:

  • Click "Visitor Registration" on the official website or scan the QR code-Attention-Click "Register for Visit" for pre-registration;
  • After the pre-registration is completed, you will receive an email confirmation and text message containing the recommended exhibitor content;
  • A pre-registration confirmation letter containing the recommended exhibitor name can be printed;
  • When visiting the exhibition on site, follow the recommended list to the booth to communicate with the exhibitors